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Last Update : 23 May 2023 / EVCD 2 - StudioTunes (11 tracks) / EVCD 1 - Rebirthing (12 tracks) - free download now ! (scroll down)

Energetic Vortex

Welcome to Energetic Vortex Homepage, to support my music network. Here you will find Info, tracks, downloads, audio visuals, etc.. The latest tracks (CD3) can be found above, scroll down for my latest video clips. The other site-pages can be found above in the menu of this page.

Starting from the year 2000, the moment ReBirth became freeware, I work with Propellerhead’s ReBirth. A simple music program, based on 2 x 303 synths, 808 and 909 drum machines. These machines marked the beginning of the house music and pretty much the basic for all underground dance music. So I trained myself in using ReBirth for quite some time, I thought maybe if I learn to work with this software maybe I also can handle the hardware. Now I work with both de hardware and the software, it is of course different but there are also many things the same. Like making music, if it works well on ReBirth, it will also work on hardware. If you then apply what you have learned from the hardware to the software, you can go far with ReBirth. The program can generate separate drum or synth sequences to wav, with or without effects and mixdown in Reason or Cubase or convert into midi files with ReMaker.(See Link Below)

All tracks are made or composed with ReBirth RB-338
Download & Info > MNX2010 ReBirth      ReBirth Network > ReBirth Facebook Group

ReBirth RB-338

screen ReBirth


acidsm star mnx New Acid Techno Site !

Site with links, info, hardware & software and network for social media & music sites without the Acid music genre like SoundCloud and YouTube. It is difficult to find Acid Techno and it has usually a low ratings. Also on the www there are not many Acid Music related sites.
So we need a Global Acid-Network !

For more info > Underground Acid Techno site

Energetic Vortex - Underground Acid Techno


I had some problems with the hardware, delaying my newest studio project, what started in 2012.
I had to convert my Atari Studio to PC. And nowadays to AcidLab, more a analogue based studio. And my project is almost ready.
I have some problems with handling the sound of my new Soundcraft ui24r. It is a very hightech kind of equipment, with lots of possibilities. So my studio project is almost ready to work out my newest productions.

My first CD Rebirthing, is of course made with ReBirth and mixed-out in Reason, with the input module. Well it does not work as I expected, it clearly has difficulty mixing.
My second CD StudioTunes is composed with Rebirth and used ReMaker to convert to midi-file. and worked it out in Cubase. My third CD AcidLab will be more about the analogue and other hardware, but I still use ReBirth as composer & sequencer.

For more MNX2010 Studio info > Studio Update
DJ MAN-X Site For more MNX2010 (old) Audio Projects
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Energetic Vortex Network

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cd4 Energetic Vortex Downloads

On FREETEKNOMUSIC you can listen and download the songs separately. Here on this site you can download the complete CDs in mp3. The mp3s are for free and on Bandcamp you can buy the music in WAV file in 24bit 48khz.
So if you have a bandcamp account you can buy the CD and also tracks separately.

Buy the latest tracks > Bandcamp Energetic Vortex

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CD-02 StudioTunes is now available !

FOR FREE - Download MP3/zip CD02 StudioTumes (76.28Mb)

* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

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CD-01 Rebirthing is now available !

FOR FREE - Download MP3/zip CD01 Rebirthing (74.87Mb)

* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

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Out Now new Track : Techno World ! (+ Full HD videoclip)
Look out for my comming tracks / video-clips : The Cannabis Marijuana Society / Hypno Therapeutic Trip in Full HD & Hi-Res Audio

CD1 OUT NOW ! Energetic Vortex - CD01 Rebirthing (in real Fluor) CD2 OUT NOW !
Energetic Vortex
CD02 StudioTunes
(in real Fluor)
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