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Being a child I grew up with mostly classical and hippie music, so I already had a good musical basis. Later I discovered synthesizer music from groups like : Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd. So the foundation for Electronic Dance Music is quite diverse the same goes for my musical experiments. anim015mnx

I started making music in 1985, the first time someone put a guitar in my hands, I played live and also spontaneous became the singer of the band. From this first experience I still have still the recordings, and now I was hooked on making music. Later on we started studio “Akkabar”, a simple studio setup with a lot of effects and echo’s. We had a band echo and some electronic ones. We made some weird soundscapes and ambient environments.

Two years later, I started working with computers like the Atari and Amiga, but I wanted more.
So in 1987 I stared to work in the CEM (Centre Electronic Music) in Arnhem (NL), with my own projects and also followed some courses there : Trans (experimental mathematic music composer program) and programming in Pascal, a project to make my own sequencer software. I also did some courses in analogue studio technics. I worked with analogue synthesizers like : the ARP, MOOG & KORG. I helped to patch and rewire the whole studio, with multi cables and patch bays.

/anim017mnx In 1991, I started my project “Deep Trance Medium”, my longest running project, based on my Atari computer setup, with a lot of editors and sequencers like Cubase. I had some digital synths and my first sampler : Akai S2000 and my first analogue synth : The Braintec, a double 303 clone with integrated midi. I had a few live performances, but in these days, I didn’t had the money to buy light and small equipment, so every time i had to take my whole studio equipment with me, a large car full of stuff. But after more than 10 years, the Atari became old and slow (and out of spare parts), and I wanted more up-to-date synths like “virtual analogue” and more real analogue synthesizers with midi integration.

So in 2005 I started to rebuild my Atari studio to a PC studio, I had to find new editors and software and convert all movie files and arrangements to a PC format. That was an enormous work to do and it took more time than I had planned. That time I worked in the “Willemeen” (pop centre for young people) and starting with performance as a Psychedelic DJ, like Psybient, Psytrance and Forrest. It took so much of my time, that there was no time left for rebuilding my studio. In 2011 I restarted my studio project and now I had earned some money, that I spend very efficiently by buying all my equipment second hand or cheap. It took 5 years to sell all my old stuff and buying new ones. anim023mnx

Now in 2016 the MNX2010 Audio/Visual Studio is nearly ready, I am close to the finishing touch. With my new midi interface I have a better structure to work with this complex system. I choose for a variety of sound, analogue, virtual analogue, digital FM & AM (PCM), sampling (computer & sampler) and high advanced effect processing. So everything is possible, in theory off course. Well it will take some time to know all the apparatus, read some manuals and even do some repairs. Everything works now except some minor problems, but I am still not so happy with the midi controller. As a warming up I started with composing some Rebirth songs and I even found some old songs that are still doing it. The next step is to work in my new studio and tweak out the whole system. ....MNX2010 Dec 2016

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Projects History :
Des Enfants Aux Suicide    1985 - 1987    (Live "Chee's SoundHouse" in Arnhem, mix by Alex)
Crystal Experience         1987 – 1991    (Studio Project - All Recorded at C.E.M. Studio in Arnhem)
Deep Trance Medium         1991 - 2005    (deep style house  - Recorded at studio "One-Way")

Live Performances :
DTM Live 1. The Nexus       Aug 1996         De zingende zeug in A’dam (feat. JB03)
DTM Live 2. Alien Eclipse   Sept 1996        Illegal Party somewhere in the grasslands near A’dam
DTM Live 3. the Aboritual Party Arnhem       The recordings in my home-studio feat. Doc beni and JB03
DTM Live 4. Hard Trance Party I              Dyoniz Catacomde in A’dam(feat. Kriz)

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