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I started with the program CALAMUS on the Atari. With the developing of the PC & MAC I changed to Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. I did several workshops and courses and designed many flyers, posters, logo's, cd covers, books and screen posters.
I also did multiple courses of Premiere and now I am ready to make my new film video clips, with generated material of a 3D fractal program, to support my tracks. I also did a professional VJ workshop, and can use the experience well. Here I make use of my generated 3D fractal video clips and some self-filmed material and mix this out in Premiere.

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Education :
1997 - 1998  Curses Adobe Photoshop (Mac) & Abobe Premiere (Mac)
2007 Isadora VJ workshop by Mia Makalu (Finland)
2008 - 2009 Curses Adobe Photoshop CS & Photoshop CS advanced (Volare & Rijn en IJssel)
2009 - 2013 Adobe Illustrator CS4 essential training, Adobe Premiere CS5 & CS6 essential training.
2014 Curses Adobe Premiere CS6 effects plugins & Adobe CS6 After Effects essential training.

My first ATARI ST Movies (Low Res 320x200 pix - full size)
aarde afdal Allah

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