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Energetic Vortex AKA DJ Sha-Man-X

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Psychedelic Techno



Psychedelic Trance

Energetic Vortex is a Psychedelic Techno Trance project.

anim005 After some problems with a sound card/module, delaying my projects, this year (2016)
my studio project is ready for to work out my new productions. I have 3 Cubase
Arrangements almost ready, one of this songs will support a new video project
in full HD "3D-fractal" clip. Vortex one and two are for me a good worming up, and I will mixout some more Rebirth projects in Reason coming time.
For more Rebirth 303 info, go to >>> Rebirth & Reason Page

Look out for new tracks (Fraqtal Universe) with 3D Full HD movie
Comming out this Summer

loop01 To the other Dimension Ektoplazm
Free Music Downloads Psytrance & Other Psychedelic styles
ektoplazm Last Update 31 August 2017 loop02

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